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August 17, 2006



Hmm, the same Beat Marti, that took LMF V2 down a black hole?

[Bob Wyman responds: Peter, I think there was only one Beat Marti at Digital. It is not a common name... That means that Beat must have replaced me in the SBT group at some point after I left since LMF and licensing were once my area and he certainly didn't preceed me. I new someone must have come in after me, but had no idea until now that it was Beat. I'm sorry and surprised if he did "take LMF down a black hole." I had a great deal of respect for him in all my dealings with him. bob wyman 22-Aug-06]


Hello, came here from the Forbes article. I have to note that if you told the reporter that you worked on a predecessor to Lotus Notes, it is ambiguous whether that was an early development version/prototype of Lotus Notes or another program entirely that helped inspire Lotus Notes. Given no other information, I would assume you meant the former. You should have explicitly stated that it was the latter. I hope you tell the story of how you didn't make money someday, sounds interesting.

[Bob Wyman responds: Ajay, its not nearly as "interesting" a story as you might imagine. I've been doing this stuff since the 70's but it wasn't until the 90's that one could realistically expect to get anything other than salary as reward for software development. (I remember getting 200 shares of options at Digital in the early 80's and folk were amazed that it was such a large option grant! Times have changed.) The startup market wasn't what it is today. Then, during the 90's, much of what I did was innovative but frankly too early-to-market. The bubble bursting wiped out what I once thought would be a nice return for work I did at Marketwave/Accrue at the end of the 90's. So far, during this decade, most of my effort has been consumed by PubSub. The Forbes article will give you some sense of the silliness, irrationality and greed that killed that one. There's always a next time!]

Richard Schwartz

Ozzie and Kawell did not develop Plato Notes. They were definitely users of Plato Notes. They may have done some work on later versions of it. The developer, though, was David Woolley. You can read about it here: http://www.thinkofit.com/plato/dwplato.htm


So what's the latest on PubSub? I see the site is still up, but it looks like none of the functions are working.

Is the company really and truly gone, or do you still have hope of reviving it?

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